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Bob Bird Sales Company (founded in 1972) represents long time principals and does special assignments. Our Goal is to produce desired results and build productive, harmonious relationships. We strive to earn loyalty by creating trust. Our expertise involves correct analysis of needs and understanding all elements of the decision making process in complex selling situations.

Our Everybody Sells program is a personal session featuring field proven principles to produce better results in selling situations, both business and personal. We have successfully handled many specific assignments involving personal contact. We enjoy taking on difficult missions since our major attributes are tenacity and persistence.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Bob Bird Sr.


We have conducted Everybody Sells sessions for attorneys, insurance and real estate agents, money managers, heath care providers and others. We believe a large potential exists with sessions for young adults. Large investments are made in education which currently ignores teaching youth how to sell themselves and their ideas. Prices have recently been reduced to expand this market.

Our domains, www.the1.global and www.helpyourhappiness.com will be developed as subscription websites which may have significant worldwide impact.

Recent special assignments include systems for cancer treatment, shale drilling market research, and expansion of a full service IT support company. If you need specific results in selling situations, let's discuss details.